Video Production

We provide studio and on location digital, Beta Cam SP, 16mm and 35mm film production services. Our video production packages include - ENG - 2 Person Crew

  • Videographer
  • Video/Audio Technician
  • Sony Digital Camcorder
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lowell Lighting Kit
EFP - 3 or More Person Crew
  • Single or Multi Camera
  • Lights
  • Microphones (wireless, lavaliere etc.)
  • Tripod configurations (standard, lowboy, camera saddle bag and hand dolly)
Please call so we can discuss your personnel and equipment requirements. Some of the additional "whistles & bells" we have to offer include:
  • Floor and Track Dollies
  • Various Lens & Filter Configurations
  • Aerial Services
  • & Teleprompting Services