Studio Facility

Studio rental is available for audio, video, film, and still photography production and display construction. For narrative and music recordings take advantage of our Audio Booth. Studio Dimensions: 50' x 40' (2000sq. ft.) Features: 11' Overhead Door On site video, audio, lighting and grip support equipment available: Other production tools include:

  • Teleprompter
  • TV Grey Wall
  • Back Drops:
  • Non-reflective black or white (limbo)
  • Neutral Patterns
  • Landscape
Currently available for production use: 2 or 3 wall kitchen set (16' x 20' x 12') featuring upper and lower Hickory Cabinets, glass windows, landscape backdrops and a 6' x 3' Kitchen Island on casters.

Studio Rental Costs are quoted once project requirements are identified.

The advantages of a studio translate into control. The obvious ones include sound, light, activity, schedule and costs.

Who likes to "tear down", pack up and go, to only come back and start all over again. It doesn't make "cents". And when it doesn't "here's" the studio … often the money saving option.

Along with the studio comes several other innate intangibles…the things that contribute to the success of an end product, like relaxation, camaraderie and focus on the part of the team and the person or persons who have the pressure to "be on" when action is called. Whether you're a hired actor, executive, employee or entrepreneur selling your own invention, sometimes it takes leaving the traditional work place and it's interruptions, to get to the mental state you want to be, to deliver the right message.

We provide direction for those sharing a message from memory, from the heart, from the "ear" or via teleprompter.

In our studio we work to create the right environment for you, so that together we can capture the excellent on-target content, insight, wisdom, sincerity and the all-important "believability" on camera.

So when it comes to performance, come visit our studio world. You'll find that, when you're here a lot of things come more natural.