It can take on many forms and travel in many directions. So how do we decide which path to take and how far to take it?

Right from the get-go we look at what the end result must be. "So what will it take to make the impact you want?" It depends on the subject matter, the audience and the time and cost parameters.

It may take a conservative approach, others, an unexpected one. Maybe it needs be a subtle persuasion or maybe it needs to shout!

Some projects call for all the hired guns, the steadicam operators, cranes, professional talent, music composers, and animators.

Some demand all the audiovisual mediums (video, print, CD-ROM, keep-sakes, etc.) designed to work in concert with each other while maximizing their individual strengths.

Then there are those that scream - "Just aim and shoot!" We understand the value in the difference. There's a time for "killer" visuals and a time when beautiful pictures would mean "over kill".

No matter the complexity or simplicity of the project we will accomplish it! Here is how we can help!

Creative Development . . .

Some end customers need help visualizing a product before the first visual is created.

To help paint a picture in their minds we produce script treatments that describe the production style, setting, character attitude and behavior and etc.

If you need us to paint a more vivid picture in someone's mind we can produce storyboards. Simple line drawings, to colorful sketches or detailed wire frame printouts.

Writing . . . Whatever the subject matter or style demanded we have the skill and resources to write powerful copy.

Be it technical, humorous, warm and fuzzy, written for the written word, the spoken word, dialog or for visual expression . . .

For a documentary, 30 second spot or short slogan . . .

We'll communicate the right message, reach the right audience and use the right medium.